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Remembering Bill Kimmel

Longtime EMI consultant and engineer Bill Kimmel passed away on April 29th following a brief illness. He was 74 years old. Born in Wisconsin, Bill attended the University of Minnesota where he graduated with a ... Read More...
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Faraday’s Lines of Force and Maxwell’s Theory of the Electromagnetic Field

1408 F4 coverA note from the Editor: In celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Maxwell’s Equations, we are honored to bring you a chapter from the book The Life of James Clerk Maxwell, the 1882 original biography of James Clerk Maxwell. This chapter, entitled “Faraday’s Lines of Force and Maxwell’s Theory of the Electromagnetic Field,” provides a unique insight to Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetic fields.


Training the Engineering Brain

The brain stem contains the hard wiring that commands the heart to beat and the lungs to expand and contract. Laying about in a mess of ganglia at the base of the skull, just above the spine, it works—literally... Read More...

Career Pathways

The field of electromagnetic compliance engineering is evolving so quickly in scope and significance that it is easy to imagine an engineering bachelor’s degree specializing in the subject some time soon. While... Read More...