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The IEC 60601 Amendment Updates Have Published: Changes and Impacts

This article discusses the IEC 60601 Amendments Project, for Medical Electrical Safety, some of the changes to the General and Collateral Standards of the Project, and their impact on manufacturers. The future of the 60601 series of standards is also discussed.

Horticultural Lighting Considerations

As the global market for LED horticultural luminaires grows, it is important for the industry to assess these products for safety and performance considerations unique to their controlled indoor agricultural environments. The industry is responding by introducing standards and programs with a variety of requirements.

Accessing the Growing Market for Drones in the U.S.

This article examines how the expanded use of commercial drones will impact U.S. regulatory requirements and how the current legislative landscape might change as the market expands.

Safety Outside the Box

This article discusses additional requirements that designers and safety professionals may want to consider beyond the base standard for their product based on the environment and user exposure.

Safety Considerations for Lithium and Lithium-Ion Batteries

This article provides an overview of current standards applicable to rechargeable lithium and lithium-ion batteries.
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Challenges and Directions for Lifecycle Processes Supporting Conformity Assessment of Interoperable Medical Products

This article provides an overview of lifecycle issues for interoperable medical products that are not sufficiently addressed in existing medical device standards and identifies lifecycle concepts from other domains that may be adapted for interoperable medical systems.

Product Liability Litigation and its Effect on Product Safety Regulatory Compliance

Product liability litigation and product safety regulatory compliance are sometimes intertwined, and this can make a bad situation worse.

Certifications for the Korean Market: An Overview

South Korea has several mandatory product certifications covering many different product categories. The most important one is the KC certification, which applies to a large variety of products and is comprised of different certification modes.

Radio-Enabled Products Using Radio Modules

In this first part of a two-part article, we’ll discuss the use of radio modules to enable wireless connectivity of electronic and consumer products, and how to approach radio, EMC and safety regulatory approvals in North America for radio modules and equipment which contain radio modules.

Automotive Product Certifications for the Indian Market: An Overview

India has several mandatory product certifications that affect automotive products. Most relevant are the AIS certification for automotive components, the BIS certification for electronic products and the WPC registration for wireless products.
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