Product Liability Marketing Defects

The way you market your product can turn an otherwise safely designed product into an unsafe product that causes injury and creates liability for the manufacturer and product seller.

Horticultural Lighting Considerations

As the global market for LED horticultural luminaires grows, it is important for the industry to assess these products for safety and performance considerations unique to their controlled indoor agricultural environments. The industry is responding by introducing standards and programs with a variety of requirements.

Safety Outside the Box

This article discusses additional requirements that designers and safety professionals may want to consider beyond the base standard for their product based on the environment and user exposure.

Australian Radio Communications, EMC and EMF Regulatory Requirements: A Primer

Wireless devices are now in the legislative spotlight the world over. Safety, performance, spectrum usage and protection of personal data are all matters of regulation, although countries vary in how they regulate such concerns. This article looks at Australia as a case study, reviewing the overarching legal framework, the role of the national regulator, conformity assessment and the use of standards.

Certifications for the Korean Market: An Overview

South Korea has several mandatory product certifications covering many different product categories. The most important one is the KC certification, which applies to a large variety of products and is comprised of different certification modes.