Times Microwave Systems announces its LP-STRH series of Times-Protect™ Lightning Protection Products for LTE and Public Safety RF Communication Networks

Time MicrowaveThe new LP-STRH series is part of the Times-Protect® line of innovative RF lightning and surge protection products.  The LP-STRH series is an exceptional DC blocked design with outstanding surge performance designed for the new LTE (Long Term Evolution) and Public Safety requirements in the 700 MHz to 2700 MHz range. With its excellent PIM performance, low insertion loss and low return loss over the entire operating band and superior surge performance, the Times-Protect®   LP-STRH product family is unequaled. Its fully weatherized construction meeting IP67 standard allows for outdoor as well as indoor installation. The LP-STRH series has high power handling capability and will withstand multiple strikes. Among the main features of the new LP-STRH series of RF lightning protection products are:

  • Excellent passive intermodulation (PIM) performance
  • Outstanding IL/RL characteristics
  • DC blocked for superior surge performance
  • High surge current rating
  • Broadband multi-strike design
  • High power rating over the entire frequency band
  • Fully weatherized housing to IP67 standard

Find more information at http://timesmicrowave.com/.

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