Time-domain EMI Measurements up to 40 GHz

GAUSS INSTRUMENTS introduces the first Time-domain EMI Measurement System up to 40 GHz at the first time at the EMV2012 in Düsseldorf. The instruments are used for full compliance testing according to all civil, military standards, as well as avionic standards. The TDEMI 40G is first time presented at the booth of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS at the EMV 2012 at booth CCD1-322.

gauss 120208

The new released TDEMI 40G covers the frequency range 10 Hz – 40 GHz. Unique features are the real-time spectrogram mode with an analysis bandwidth of 162.5 MHz. Other unique features like the speed up of a factor of 4000 is boosting speed and accuracy in the frequency range up to 40 GHz. Other features are a fully pre-selected low noise amplifier stage up to 40 GHz, providing lowest noise level, excellent accuracy and the largest pre-selected analysis bandwidth on the market.

The TDEMI series consists of 7 Instruments with various frequency ranges .

  • TDEMI 30M (9 kHz – 30 MHz)
  • TDEMI 1G (9 kHz – 1GHz), mit Option MIL/DO-UG (10 Hz – 1 GHz)
  • TDEMI 3G (9 kHz – 1GHz), mit Option MIL/DO-UG (10 Hz – 3 GHz)
  • TDEMI 6G (9 kHz – 1GHz), mit Option MIL/DO-UG (10 Hz – 6 GHz)
  • TDEMI 18G (9 kHz – 1GHz), mit Option MIL/DO-UG (10 Hz -18 GHz)
  • TDEMI 26G (10 Hz – 26,5 GHz)
  • TDEMI 40G (10 Hz – 40 GHz)

The novel technology is presented on the booth CCD1-322. In addition a detailed presentation is given at the parallel congress in session 5b on Thursday 9th February 2012.

Visi their site here.