TILE! Software Supports New Agilent MXE EMI Receiver

TILE!™ (Total Integrated Lab Environment) software automates complex EMC tests with a simple drag-and-drop visual interface. It is a favorite of both private and commercial EMC test labs, with more than 200 installations world-wide. One reason for the software’s popularity is its extensive library of software drivers. The drivers allow lab instrumentation from a variety of manufacturers to communicate with TILE!. The list of drivers is currently 1,600 and counting!

The latest driver to be supplied by TILE! is for the new Agilent Technologies N9038A MXE EMI receiver. The MXE EMI receiver features full compliance measurement capabilities and powerful tools for EMI troubleshooting. Also an Agilent X-Series signal analyzer, the MXE can run a variety of applications and evolve as technology changes. Together TILE! and the MXE offer EMC labs a flexible solution for today’s requirements and the challenges of tomorrow.

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