TIA Forms Committee To Develop ICT Industry Standards

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has announced the formation of a new committee to develop voluntary industry standards applicable to information communications technology (ICT) systems and equipment, infrastructure and services.

According to a press release issued by the TIA in late May, the new TR-60 ICT Lifecycle Management Committee “will be responsible for the development and maintenance of voluntary standards that address the management of technology for qualifying vertical markets.”

In a separate Committee Overview, the TIA notes that ICT standards “generally concentrate horizontally across markets,” resulting in “inconsistent technology management with very little interoperability from site to site, even within the same companies.” The purpose of the TR-60 ICT Committee is to focus both horizontally and vertically across ICT and selected verticals, addressing: 1) planning; 2) documentation; 3) design; 4) remediation; and 5) operation. This approach would reportedly cover the full lifecycle of the management of the technology.

Read the TIA’s press release announcing the formation of TR-60 ICT.

Read the Committee Overview.

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