Thomas & Betts’ Elastimold® Grounding Device (GAD) Safely Provides Direct 600A, 25kA-Rated Ground Connection

The Elastimold® Grounding Device (GAD) from Thomas & Betts provides a direct 600A, 25kA-rated connection with a removable protective cap that allows for increased safety in everyday operations. Series GAD and GADDR are designed for standard C-clamp ground connections, and Series BGAD and BGADDR are specially designed for ball-stud ground connections.

The Elastimold® GAD connects to the rear interfaces of 600A series elbow connectors (T-bodies) to ground the circuit. To remain open, the insulated cap with a capacitive test point assures that there is no voltage present. Once the circuit is de-energized, it is grounded through the grounding cable to the system ground.

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