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ThinkPad Notebook Computer Battery Packs Recalled

Lenovo has recalled over 35,000 battery backs for their ThinkPad notebook computers due to the possibility that the packs can overheat, causing a fire hazard. There have been two reports of the battery packs overheating damaging the computer and nearby property.

The models included in the recall include Edge 11, 13 and 14 series, T410, T420, T510 and W510 series and the X100e, X120e, X200, X201 and X201s series. Consumers with recalled battery packs should turn off their computers, remove the battery pack and contact the company for a free replacement battery pack. The computers can be used until a new battery pack is received by plugging in the AC adapter and power cord.

Check to see if your ThinkPad notebook computer battery pack is included in the recall. 

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