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The Society of Women Engineers Announces Celebrate SWE! Keynote Speaker for WE14

WE14, the Society of Women Engineers’ (SWE) annual conference, is the premier event for women in engineering. Each year, attendees from around the globe come together for three days of professional development, workshops, networking events, local tours and the leading career fair for women in engineering. This year, WE14 will also host the International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists (ICWES16), attracting 7,000 women from around the globe.

Celebrate SWE! is the conference’s capstone event, a culmination of the Society’s efforts to highlight the achievements of the society and its regions, sections and individuals on the last night of the conference. This year, Carla Boragno, vice president of Site Services at Genentech, will present the Celebrate SWE! keynote speech.

“Celebrate SWE! recognizes some of the most influential women in engineering today. These are the women who inspire and challenge us to excel in our own work, who leave lasting marks on their industries and pave the way forward for the rest of the engineering community,” said Boragno. “I’m honored to give the keynote and have the opportunity to share my experience at Genentech with these women, and to take part in the celebration that will recognize the hard work they’ve accomplished in the past year.”

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In her more than 25-year career history, Boragno has taken on a number of high-performing roles which have positioned her to lead large-scale and cross-functional organizations and initiatives. She developed her expertise through work in diverse disciplines including engineering, manufacturing, procurement, IT and M&A integration. In her current role she is accountable for the real estate portfolio, physical infrastructure and key workplace services for Genentech’s South San Francisco campus, which consists of 9,000 employees across 180 acres. Their work in development, manufacturing, marketing and administration contributes to Genentech’s groundbreaking advancements in diverse areas of biotechnology research.

Registration for WE14 is available now. The Celebrate SWE! keynote is 6-9 p.m. Oct. 25. Tickets for Celebrate SWE! must be purchased in addition to registration. For more information, visit

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