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The iNARTE Informer, August 2009


On behalf of our staff, our Board of Directors and our entire membership, iNARTE extends a very warm welcome to IN Compliance Magazine. We salute the initiative and dedication of the IN Compliance staff. We wish them a long and rewarding experience in the service of our extended community.

The launch of IN Compliance is not the only new event this year. iNARTE has also new certification programs: Certified Laboratory Auditor, iNCLA, and Associate level Certification for new and recent graduates planning a career in EMC, ESD or Product Safety Engineering.

This year iNARTE has also formed a group of Education Advisory Committees, EACs, enabling us to offer Training Programs and Professional Development Workshops on different subjects of interest to our members and the community.

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Three Vibration/Balancing Solutions for the Aviation Industry

This paper provides a quick overview of aerospace engine testing solutions for engine vibration/balancing as well as signal conditioning technology from MTI instruments.

2009 has shown strong support from our membership. Clearly these difficult times have encouraged engineers and technicians to take advantage of career opportunities by honing skills and validating credentials.


iNARTE Certified Laboratory Auditor, iNCLA

This new program is intended to validate the special skills required in order to be a well qualified internal auditor for a Test or Certification Laboratory. The auditor has responsibility to prepare the laboratory for assessment to ISO/IEC 17025, then to subsequently manage the quality program in accordance with these requirements to maintain accreditation. The program is intended for auditors and quality managers at all laboratories, regardless of technical specialty. ACLASS and iNARTE will coooperate in organizing dedicated training and examination workshops for this program.

Associate Engineer and Associate Technician, iNAE/iNAT

This new program will enable young engineers and technicians with suitable knowledge and skills to become members of iNARTE upon graduation from an iNARTE Accredited University, School or Institute. Associate certification is available to graduates who achieve a high GPA and who are endorsed by a senior member of faculty. This credential enables new graduates to enter the work force and build their career, while enjoying the advantages of iNARTE membership as they accumulate experience for full Certification. Graduates from other curricula may also apply for this credential, but further examination will be required.

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Training and Professional Development

This new program is intended for practitioners who desire to build their knowledge base in order to enhance career opportunities. iNARTE has Education Advisory Committes to recommend subject matter, location and timing of our training programs. There are two current offerings:

Laboratory Auditor Training (ISO 17025)
October 6-9, 2009
Alexandria, VA

ANSI C63.10 Workshop
November 4-5, 2009
Underwriters Laboratory, RTP, NC

Brian Lawrence presents a 2009 Achievement award to Mr. Ihara
Brian Lawrence presents a 2009 Achievement award to Mr. Ihara, Senior General Manager of KEC, to recognize their achievement of more than 250 certification candidates during 2009. The award is a limited addition print of the waterfront at New Bern, NC where Mr. Ihara and KEC members met iNARTE last year.


iNARTE certification is widely recognized as a symbol of excellence in the fields of Telecommunications Engineering, EMC, ESD and Product Safety Engineering. Achieving iNARTE certification is a testament to an individual’s professional excellence and also to their ambition and initiative. However, hanging the certificate on a wall or filing it in a drawer is not the way to get the most from those achievements. Your customers, managers, peers and colleagues in the industry need to be aware of your credentials.

As a member of iNARTE, the following opportunities are available to you:

  • We will advise your management of your certification and your annual renewaI. However, you need to tell us who to write to.
  • If you offer consulting, our web site has a place to advertise your specialties.
  • If you are looking for a new career or employment opportunity, post your resume on our site and regularly check our job listings page.
  • Get free copies of the iNARTE logo to use on your cards and stationary.
  • An iNARTE stamp or embosser is an excellent way to sign formal documents.
  • Wear the iNARTE lapel pin at work, all business functions, trade shows, etc.
  • If you really want to be noticed, we also have high quality Golf Shirts available.
  • Send us any papers or articles you have written and we will feature them on our web-site, (subject to approval).

Please remember that we do not distribute our membership lists, except to institutes and organizations with which we have a formal agreement to share information. If you want your credentials independently verified to any other party, you have to let us know. favicon

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