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The iNARTE Informer – July 2010

We are back to full strength at the office. Our new FCC operations administrator, Karen Fothergill joined us in April and now has full responsibility for the FCC licensensure activities. Karen can be contacted at, or by calling our office at 1-800-89-NARTE. It is worth noting that possession of a GROL is becoming more and more important as evidence of a general knowledge of electronics in many industries. GROL study material and full sets of all the FCC Element questions are available from iNARTE. This could be the credential that you need to get ahead if you are seeking employment with government or military contractors.

The first iNARTE Board of Directors meeting of 2010 was held on May 8th in our home town of New Bern, NC. This is the 300th anniversary of the founding of New Bern and every weekend through the year there are special commemorative events. During the break in our meeting we were able to witness the Civil War re-enactment of the Battle of New Bern taking place on the brand new Trent River bridge.

Japan: The iNARTE certification examination in EMC for 2010 is over. The next exam scheduled is in Product Safety Engineering at the end of June. It is worth noting that Japan now has the second largest concentration of iNARTE certified Product Safety engineers and technicians after the USA.

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A Dash of Maxwell’s: A Maxwell’s Equations Primer – Part Two

Maxwell’s Equations are eloquently simple yet excruciatingly complex. Their first statement by James Clerk Maxwell in 1864 heralded the beginning of the age of radio and, one could argue, the age of modern electronics.

China: This year the Asia Pacific EMC Week and Technical Symposium, 2010, was held at the International Convention Center in Beijing, China, during April 12th to 15th. iNARTE presented a series of technical papers covering the latest standards for unlicensed wireless devices, the complex map of regulations for FCC compliance, and the top ten critical rules when designing for EMC compliance. Assisting iNARTE throughout the event were the staff of American TCB-HIL, headquartered in Shenzhen. Wailand Zhang, a recently certified EMC Engineer from ATCB delivered one of the papers to a very attentive audience.


Of course it is essential when in Beijing to sample their world famous regional delicacy, Peking Duck. Once again the ACTB staff knew exactly the right, non-touristy, place to go.


IEEE EMC Society Symposium
At the moment, this is the most important of the various symposia that iNARTE attends each year. For 2010, the EMCS Symposium will be in the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center from July 25th to 31st. iNARTE will be holding a half day workshop on July 26th and a full day examination session on July 30th. It will be possible for attendees to sit examinations for any of the iNARTE disciplines, but advanced registration through our web site is recommended to make sure that we have your specific examination available. EMC examination candidates can also register at the iNARTE exhibition booth #311.

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Remember that your EMCS registration covers the cost of access to the examination session and the proctor fees, so take this opportunity to get certified for just the low iNARTE application fee.

Below is a table of upcoming iNARTE events.

Several other workshops are in the pipeline, so be sure to visit the iNARTE web site regularly to be sure not to miss those in your region or field of interest.

July 25th-31st IEEE EMCS Symposium
Fort Lauderdale
Convention center
iNARTE workshop, exhibition and Certification Examination sessions
Sept. 14th–17th Laboratory Auditor ISO 17025 Training and Credentialing,
Chicago, IL
Marriot O’Hare Airport
ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board, (ACLASS)
Oct. 3rd-8th ESD Association Symposium
John Ascuaga’s Nugget Resort
Sparks (Reno), NV
iNARTE exhibition and Certification Examination sessions
Oct. 18th-21st IEEE PSES Symposium
Boston Marriott
Burlington, MA
iNARTE exhibition and Certification Examination sessions

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