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The iNARTE Informer – August 2011


The 2011 Symposium season is upon us. In August we have the IEEE EMCS 2011, in September there is the ESDA EOS/ESD 2011, and then in October the IEEE PSES 2011. This year they are all in California, and all just far enough apart that we will be travelling back and forth for each one.

The important thing to remember for all who plan to attend any of these events is that your symposium registration fee also covers the iNARTE exam proctoring service. Each of the organizers have graciously offered iNARTE exhibition and examination room space and you can register in advance to take any of the iNARTE examinations at any of these events, and at the US domestic application rates. Below are some useful links:

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A Dash of Maxwell’s: A Maxwell’s Equations Primer – Part Two

Maxwell’s Equations are eloquently simple yet excruciatingly complex. Their first statement by James Clerk Maxwell in 1864 heralded the beginning of the age of radio and, one could argue, the age of modern electronics.

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EMCS 2011 –

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Also remember that this year there are new iNARTE certification opportunities to consider:

EMC Design Engineer –

MIL-STD EMC Specialist –

iNARTE Certification for ESDA Program Managers – (Page 6)

And for all you experienced EMC Design Engineers out there, get your applications submitted and recorded during our introductory Grandfathering period. Applications will be received until December 31st 2011, after that you have up to 12 months to complete the process.


The new MIL STD certification program has already started. On June 14th-17th, Washington Laboratories Academy gave a four day course to introduce the new/modified test methods and test article configurations that are now part of MIL- STD 461F. At the conclusion of the tutorials on June 17th, Steve Ferguson proctored the first iNARTE MIL-STD EMC Specialist certification examination. Most attendees did not have enough prior notice of the iNARTE exam to come prepared, but two brave souls took the plunge and both passed. Their certificates will be issued when their remaining application steps have been completed. One of these lucky applicants will get Certificate #00001.

Washington Laboratories Academy will be repeating this event several more times. The current schedule is September 13th -16th, 2011, November 14th-17th, 2011, and March 13th-16th, 2012. Make your reservations as soon as possible, and come prepared with reference materials ready to take the iNARTE open-book exam, (


This year we attempted to cover all our more active Asian regions in one trip, so 11 flights and three weeks later we have attended APEMC 2011 and met with partners in Japan, Korea, China and Singapore.

Japan continues to be our most responsive country. This year, so far, we have had more than 230 Japanese applicants taking iNARTE certification examinations, and currently almost half our EMC and PSE certificate holders are in Japan. As reported last month, we signed a formal agreement with KEC Japan to introduce the EMC Design Engineer certification program and it will be interesting to see how popular this new certificate becomes there, as compared to the USA.

We have a new Regional Partner in Korea who will be promoting iNARTE Certification for ESD practitioners. Joshua Yoo, President of CORE Insight Inc. provides consulting services and ESD control training. CORE has worked closely with the ESDA for several years and has built an excellent reputation. We were able to spend time with Joshua and his assistant Elly Koo to finalize arrangements for an iNARTE examination session on July 22nd.

On to Hong Kong, where we met with Jerry Lee and Kent Hsu of ATCB-HI Ltd. ATCB acts as the exclusive administrator for iNARTE programs in China and Taiwan. We reviewed progress on the strategic plan prepared last year and established our priorities for the next 12 months. There is interest in EMC, ESD and Product Safety Engineering certification in this region, but applicants are only slowly emerging.

Finally to Singapore, and meetings with Marcus Koh and Yohan Goh of Everfeed Technology Pte Ltd. Everfeed is part of a group of companies having facilities in Malaysia and China, specializing in consultation, solutions and training in ESD control. Marcus has been most successful in recruiting applicants for iNARTE ESD certification from among their customer group and we discussed arrangements for Everfeed to host a special, three day, ESD Association Tutorial and iNARTE examination program later this year.

It was nice to get back after that trip and back to some home cooked meals again. We certainly sampled a few strange things during our travels. Abalone, black pork and horse are all popular on Jeju Island. Hong Kong has everything, but we particularly enjoyed the special roast goose and the spicy fish soup. In Singapore we tried their popular chicken rice and the turtle special with crocodile soup. It was all good, but not exactly what we are used to.


The Chicken Rice Engine Room



The Turtle and Crock Pot


The following events offer candidates a chance to take the iNARTE certification examinations without incurring
proctoring fees.

IEEE EMCS 2011 – Long Beach, CA. iNARTE workshop on August 15th, examinations on August 19th.

EOS/ESD 2011- Anaheim, CA. iNARTE examinations on September 16th

IEEE PSES 2011 – San Diego, CA. iNARTE examinations on October 13th

Candidates can register in advance at the iNARTE web site to examine at any of the above events for any of the programs that we offer. At the event, candidates can register until the day before the exam, but only for the discipline related to the event. favicon


Last month we asked:

According to MIL-STD-461F, stepped frequency susceptibility scans shall dwell at each tuned frequency for:
A) 500 ms
B) 1 s
C) A period of time not less than that required for the EUT to respond.
D) The greater of 3 seconds or the EUT response time.

The correct answer is D) The greater of 3 seconds or the EUT response time.

This question this month is:

Select one of the radio frequencies listed below that represents the 19th order intermodulation product frequency for signal frequencies of 3.397 MHz and 12.45 MHz.
A) 12.903 MHz
B) 4.606 MHz
C) 17.002 MHz
D) None of the above


author_lawrence-brian Brian Lawrence began his career in electro-magnetics at Plessey Research Labs, designing “Stealth” materials for the British armed services. In 1973 he moved to the USA and established a new manufacturing plant for Plessey to provide these materials to the US Navy. In 1980 he joined the “Rayproof” organization to develop an RF Anechoic Test Chamber product line. As a result of acquisitions, Rayproof merged into Lindgren RF Enclosures, and later into ETS-Lindgren. Following a career spanning more than 40 years in the electromagnetic compatibility field, Brian Lawrence retired as Managing Director of ETS-Lindgren UK in 2006. Later that year he assumed the position of Executive Director for the National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers, NARTE. Now renamed iNARTE, the Association has expanded its operations and is today an affiliate of RABQSA under the overall banner of the American Society for Quality, ASQ.

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