The Challenges of Delivering Large Anechoic Chambers for Testing Large EUTs

Whenever starting a discussion about an EMC or antenna chamber design, very often it begins with a series of questions to aid in understanding the requirements.

Many chambers for EMC, antenna, RF, and Microwave testing are able to be installed in existing host buildings without any issues. However, when the chamber is especially large, and/or there is a large piece of Equipment Under Test (EUT), many challenges can arise during the delivery and installation of the chamber. These issues are not fully in the domain of the chamber supplier, and many require close interaction with the end customer. During this presentation, we will overview a number of these issues, such as interfacing to host building services, floor load capacity, chamber access, integrating turntables (and other systems), and anechoic design, showing the challenges which can be faced and, how they can be overcome.

The reader will learn:

  • About anechoic chambers characteristics
  • How to recognize important technical specs


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