Thailand Enacts Ban Against Importation of Electronic Waste

The nation of Thailand has reportedly passed legislation that will prohibit the importation of hazardous electronic waste into that country.

According to an article posted earlier this month to the website of the Bangkok Post, the ban covers 428 types of electronic waste (e-waste), which is defined by Thailand’s Commerce Ministry as “electric and electronic components and scraps.” A full list of all of the 428 e-waste items covered under the scope of the ban is available from the Ministry’s Department of Foreign Trade.

Violations of the newly implemented e-waste ban are punishable by a jail sentence of up to 10 years, a financial penalty equivalent to five times the value of the illegally imported e-waste, or both.

According to a separate article in Recycling Magazine, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries became target spots for the disposal of e-waste following the implementation of China’s National Sword policy in 2018, which banned the importation of electronic and plastic waste into that country.

Read the text of the Bangkok Post article on Thailand’s ban on the importation of electronic waste.

Read the text of the Recycling Magazine article on Thailand’s ban on the importation of electronic waste.

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