Test Equipment to Guarantee Quality and Safety

Since 2001, Dunel has been a pioneer in Brazil’s product testing sector and has established itself as the country’s leading resource for products, equipment and component test devices in the electric and electronic, home appliance, plastic, medical and automotive industries. The company manufactures an equipment line that strictly adheres to the most important international testing norms including UL, IEC, ISO and ASTM.

Dunel now works with clients around the world, such as Rhodia, Mabe, Panasonic, and Whirlpool. Co-owner and founder, Hermes Magnus, has decided to move operations to the United States in order to better serve our clients. Through a partnership with Chris Twyman, Board Director, and Edel Pontes, entrepreneur and fellow engineer, Dunel expects to serve clients even further by providing innovative test products developed in a new facility with the most cutting-edge technology.

Our experienced technicians ensure the best product from the design stage through production. Quality and accuracy are our focus, and we achieve this by using the highest quality materials and a network of reputable suppliers. Most importantly, Dunel works to maintain a close relationship with our clients to ensure we can use any feedback to further develop our products so our customers are confident in their decision to work with us.

Dunel is ready to accommodate global demand. The company is looking forward to becoming the most trusted resource in the world’s product testing sector.

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