TESEQ and IFI Co-Honored as Advanced Test Equipment Rentals’ Vendors of the Year

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC) co-honored TESEQ and IFI (now a TESEQ company) with the Vendor of the Year Award in San Diego, California earlier this month. Following the ISO 9001 review, an annual assessment of quality standards, it was determined that TESEQ/IFI ranked the highest in all areas of service including timeliness, product quality and customer service.

 George Bollendorf, Marketing Manager of ATEC, expressed the importance of this prestigious award and the value of the relationship between companies. “The success that TESEQ/IFI has had in growing their business this past year is easy to understand when you recognize the attention they’ve given to their customers.  ATEC focuses on very complex test equipment applications and we continue to receive the training and support from the TESEQ/IFI factory that allows us to provide our rental customers with the best technical support available.  We are pleased to recognize TESEQ/IFI for their long standing commitment to helping ATEC’s success.”

Randy Johnson, Regional Sales Manager of TESEQ, went further on to say, “TESEQ is honored to share this fine award with IFI. The ATEC/TESEQ relationship has grown over the last 10 years as we have learned to work together in becoming a well-oiled machine. The ESD, Transient & RI/CI EMC products we supply ATEC are state of the art, but require a rental organization with technical abilities to support them. ATEC’s sales & customer service capabilities are the reason customers are comfortable working with them and why TESEQ views ATEC as a valuable partner. We look forward to a long & prosperous future.”

For information on ATEC, visit www.atecorp.com