Telepresence Robots Designed to Improve Quality of Life

A new startup has designed a robot that you’re going to love having in your home. OhmniLabs has designed the Ohmni, a telepresence robot for your family. At first glance, it closely resembles most other telepresence robots: it’s basically a camera at the end of a long stick that is attached to a small platform with wheels. This allows the robot to move around with relative ease. It’s entirely remote-controlled, making it fun and simply to work whether you’re at home or in the office. But Ohmni is focused on the home side of things, rather than the work aspect, so there have been some modifications.

Ohmni is designed to be an easy and enjoyable addition to your technological arsenal. The robot is lightweight, reaching just 20 pounds, and folds up easily for handy traveling. Additionally, the motors and wheels are quiet and gentle on floors, so you don’t have to worry about them ripping up your home as it travels around.

But where Ohmni really excels — and sets itself apart — is with software. The Ohmni robot is designed for extreme ease of use, so everyone in the family can enjoy the telepresence with minimum fuss and trouble. You simple take it out of the box, turn it on, and you can start communicating with family and friends at long distances. Not particularly tech savvy? Not a problem; you can have your wifi credentials pre-installed in the robot, making it even easier and faster to use. The Ohmni is the next step in family-friendly telepresence, and perfect for those who want to feel close to loved ones no matter how far away they may be.

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