Telcron Announces Lab Reviews to Offer a Voice on 3rd Party Testing Lab Experiences

Telcron is pleased to announce a lab reviews tool for the benefit of electronics manufacturers that are seeking to engage with third party testing labs.

The path to compliance for electronics products may involve Verification, Declaration of Conformity, Certification, among others pursuant to relevant FCC rules. But besides electromagnetic interference/compatibility, if more than one compliance concern applies – product safety, or environmental assessment for instance, the test program needs to be planned by the manufacturer and the attending lab(s) to assure its success.

Now, each manufacturer’s experience at 3rd party test labs, like trying out filet mignon at restaurants in a city’s limits, may not be the same. For instance, some labs due to resource limitations, maintain a modest facility with basic instrumentation and process automation. Test standards that outline procedures may not be readily available to customers for viewing.

Test documentation procedures are also important since reports are retained as a vital record long after the conclusion of the test engagement. As such, the quality and accuracy of these reports need no emphasis.

In all, several factors – test personnel proficiency, test instrumentation, conditions of the lab, quality assurance procedures, even management of the test lab contribute to the customer experience. And these lab reviews offer a voice of the customer feedback mechanism that manufacturers can use to assign a “good”, “better”, “best” rating or perhaps “bad”, “worse” and “worst” rating if need be, that would help other manufacturers contemplating such lab selection decisions for their equipment in the future.

In reaction to this demand, Telcron has launched a lab review tool on pre-certification and certification testing, that we are aiming to be a “Yelp rating” for the compliance testing industry. Visit to find out more and submit reviews.