Telcordia Releases Two New Generic Requirement Documents

Telcordia has released two new generic requirement documents, GR-902, Issue 2, Generic Requirements for Handholes and Other Below-Grade Splice Vaults and GR-487, Issue 4, Generic Requirements for Electronic Equipment Cabinets.

GR-902, Issue 2 outlines the proposed generic requirements for handholds and other below-grade splice vaults intended to house telecommunications components used in an outside plant environment. Issue 2 includes new technical requirements based on Telcordia field and lab analysis. The document provides loading requirements for the four basic environmental zones: Light Duty Pedestrian Only, Medium Duty Pedestrian and Light Incidental Vehicular Traffic and Heavy Duty: Non-Deliberate (Incidental) Vehicular Traffic Class 7 and Class 8.

GR-487, Issue 4 provides the latest criteria for analyzing electronic equipment cabinets in a variety of outside plant environments and applications, including wireline and wireless. The document provides proposed functional design criteria, generic mechanical and environmental requirements, desired features and performance tests. Issue 4 includes 35 new requirements in 10 new sections and subsections and dozens of updated requirements.

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