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Telcordia NPI Training Courses

Telcordia Installation Quality for Telecom Facilities: The Telcordia Installation Quality for Telecom Facilities course covers the basics of safe and proper equipment installation and removal processes in telecommunications facilities. The course covers all of the basic knowledge expected of Installation Suppliers of network infrastructure and equipment.

Dates:  July 15 – 18 (New Jersey) and August 5 – 8 (Texas)        

Telcordia Overview of NEBS™ Requirements: NEBS™ (Network Equipment – Building System) is the most popular set of Telcordia Generic Requirements documents (GRs) and is applicable to all indoor and outdoor equipment. It is the most common set of safety, spatial, and environmental design guidelines applied to telecommunications equipment in the United States.

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Three Vibration/Balancing Solutions for the Aviation Industry

This paper provides a quick overview of aerospace engine testing solutions for engine vibration/balancing as well as signal conditioning technology from MTI instruments.

Dates: July 29 – 30 (New Jersey) and August 27 – 28 (Texas)   

Telcordia Hardware Reliability Prediction Procedure (RPP) Training Using the ARPP Tool (Based on SR-332): Telcordia SR-332, Reliability Prediction Procedure for Electronic Equipment, provides a recommended method for predicting device and unit-level hardware reliability. Phase I of this course provides an overview of basic reliability definitions and the methods described in SR-332 for predicting the reliability of serial systems. Read more about SR-332. 

Phase II of this course covers the use of the Microsoft ® Excel®-based software tool that automates the reliability prediction techniques in SR-332, Issue 3, which is called Automated Reliability Prediction Procedure (ARPP-11.0). This is a hands-on demonstration of the ARPP-11.0 tool using actual examples of board-level parts lists. The course is offered as Instructor-Led Training (ILT) or Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) sessions. 

To learn more about these training sessions or to register, contact Carol St. Jacques at 732.699.6595 or at

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