Technical Drawings Released by Leader Tech

Leader TechLeader Tech announces the public release of technical drawings for the company’s full line of surface mount circuit board shields (SMS). To support global engineering teams that require 24/7 access to detailed technical information, these drawings can instantly be downloaded by searching for “SMS” on the company’s website or by clicking any part number in the product line PDF.

The SMS shielding line offers customers a highly reliable, ready-to-ship solution for most surface-mount applications. These in-stock circuit board shields are available in both one-piece and two-piece design styles to accommodate most assembly and rework operations. Thirty-nine sizes and styles can be shipped for your sample or prototype volume order with 24 hours.

SMS circuit board shields are manufactured from .008” tin plated steel or Alloy 770 and provide a shielding effectiveness up to 60dB. The 2-piece shields also offer an industry leading cover retention of 1.5-2.5 lb./linear inch. Convenient tape & reel packaging accommodates automated manufacturing processes.

To browse Leader Tech’s full line of SMS Shields, visit their website.