Tech-Etch Flexible Printed Circuit Design Guide Describes Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities

Tech-Etch Flex Design Guide CoverTech-Etch manufactures high-reliability flexible printed circuits on polyimide substrates using advanced manufacturing processes to create circuits for today’s sophisticated electronic applications. Special processes include the ability to selectively plate a single circuit with two different finishes, contoured circuits with variable metal thickness, semi-additive and subtractive techniques to manufacture trace patterns, BGA pad arrays, and open window or cantilevered contact leads. Surface mount technology (SMT) for component assembly is employed for both prototypes and full production runs. SMT process can accommodate package sizes down to 0201 and .4mm pitch. Polyimide or epoxy-glass stiffeners can be laminated in place to provide additional support and strain relief.

Tech-Etch manufactures flex circuits using both adhesive based and adhesiveless raw materials. Laser processing capability supports precision drilling of hole sizes down to .001” diameters for micro via and blind via multilayer circuits. Alternate circuit layer materials such as beryllium copper, stainless steel and cupronickel can be used for optimum performance in unique applications. The guide contains technical drawings of circuits, photos to illustrate manufacturing capabilities, as well as design tolerance guidelines. Tech-Etch specializes in flexible circuits for medical device, medical implant, diagnostic ultrasound, telecommunications and patient monitoring applications, in addition to telecommunications, aerospace, semiconductor, industrial and other high-reliability electronic applications. Visit to download a PDF copy of Flexible Printed Circuit Design Guide and for additional information.

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