TDK RF Solutions Introduces New EMC Camera

TDK Corporation has developed the VC-06, a high-definition color video camera which offers high performance and is an all digital, shielded camera, designed for remote monitoring of equipment during EMC testing. The camera, which is available now, is ideal for wide angle anechoic chamber monitoring, shielded access control, and test action archiving. 

The VC-06 is designed to operate in the harsh environments required for EMC testing. It is housed in an EMI hardened protective case and the control and video signals use fiber optics to prevent interference caused by high electromagnetic fields present during EMC testing. The full featured VC-06 is remotely positioned, focused, and zoomed using the required TDK SI-300CC Camera Controller. The camera can be ordered to operate with either shielded 12VDC or a universal AC adapter.


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