TDK Offers New EPCOS Ferrite Data Book

TDK Corporation offers design engineers the newly-published EPCOS Data Book Ferrites and Accessories.

Of particular note is information on ferrite discs and plates for the wireless charging industry in which TDK is a world leader, offering a robust line for low power and high power applications.  The data book also covers a large material portfolio, including the lowest-loss power -PC47 and –N95 material, which offers low-loss, flat-temperature behavior.

The new data book covers RM cores, PQ cores, PM cores, EP, EPX and EPO cores, P cores and P core halves for proximity switches, E cores, ELP cores, EQ cores, ER cores, ETD cores, EFD cores, EV cores, U and UI cores, toroids, double-aperture cores, and ferrite polymer composites.

The 621-page EPCOS Data Book Ferrites and Accessories from TDK can be downloaded free of charge at