TDK Brochure Features EPCOS Components for Power Factor Correction

TDK has released a new product profile titled Power Factor Correction – Power Quality Solutions contains detailed information about the EPCOS components for power factor correction (PFC).

Contents include:

• PhaseCap® Premium, PhaseCap® Compact, PhaseCap® HD, PhiCapTM and MKV series of PFC capacitors

• BR604, BR6000 and BR7000 series of PF controllers, including the product innovations BR7000-I and BR7000-T

• MMI6000 and MMI7000 multi-measuring interfaces

• MC7000-3 grid analysis tool

Capacitor contactors

• TSM series of thyristor modules for dynamic PFC

• Harmonic filter reactors and discharge reactor

• Accessories such as protection covers and casings, discharge resistors, etc.

• Basics of PFC, selection tables, calculation formulas and more

This brochure can be downloaded at Data sheets can also be downloaded