TDK Announces EPCOS High-Performance WLAN-Bluetooth Filter

High-Performance WLAN-Bluetooth Filter | In Compliance Magazine

TDK Corporation presents the new EPCOS WLAN-Bluetooth filter offering best-in-class performance and size for the coexistence of cellular, WLAN, Bluetooth and satellite navigation services on the same antenna.  Based on advanced second-generation BAW technology (BAW2), the new EPCOS B8831 filter achieves a much better Q factor than existing components and features a significantly lower insertion loss of only 1.1 dB.  With a miniaturized footprint of just 1.1 mm x 0.9 mm, the 1109 package of the B8831 is also extremely thin with a height of just 0.4 mm.

RF spectrum is a limited resource, and with a continuously growing number of communications it is becoming ever more densely populated.  In particular, the WLAN and Bluetooth band between 2400 MHz and 2483 MHz is separated by just ≤ 20 MHz from the new bands 7, 40 and 41 that are used for LTE cellular service.  Thanks to the new filter’s excellent insertion loss and high out-of-band selectivity, the B8831 is able to prevent the signals in the adjacent WLAN/Bluetooth and highband cellular bands from interfering with each other.  This helps reduce power consumption in smartphones without affecting performance.

For further information, contact EPCOS at 732-906-4322.

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