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The Performance of Shields

The myth: The representation of shield performance (in dB) as applied to products will be identical for EM fields developed internally to the product, compared to fields externally impinging on the shield. T... Read More...
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The First Axiom of System-Product Design

The myth: Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) performance was initially intended for the realization of  system-product compliance with the requirements of regulatory agencies through standards applications. ... Read More...

Digital “Noise” Common-mode Coupling Mechanisms in the Z-Axis

The development of “digital common-mode noise” within circuit devices and subsequently within circuit boards is initially formed by peak over-shoot and under-shoot currents in the power and return planes. The peak currents are attributable to the “cross-conduction” transitions in circuit devices, where the driver literally segments turning “on” before the pull-down drivers turn “off”.