Electrical Safety Tester Verification

Verification of electrical safety testing equipment is a procedure that is often overlooked by manufacturers. Running test verification is crucial to ensuring that a safety device will properly detect product failures. While the task of setting up a test verification can seem daunting, it’s a simple matter of having the necessary equipment and procedures in place so that the process is easy to follow.
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Problems That Can Arise in a Working EMC Laboratory, and How Pre-test Verifications Can Help

1312 F1 coverThis article describes some of the everyday issues that can arise in a working EMC test laboratory which may affect the quality of the measurements made and illustrates these with real-life examples that demonstrate the importance of robust pre-test verifications. The main focus is on emissions testing, as this is perhaps the area where most problems can occur without being detected. The article also looks at how using various types of reference source during pre-test verifications can help identify those problems and prevent invalid measurements being made.


Navigating the New World of ENERGY STAR

ENERGY STAR has created a completely new system of requirements and procedures for qualifying energy-efficient products. Navigating the new routes to qualification can be a challenge, given the multiplicity of newly defined requirements for testing, certification and verification. What are Recognized Laboratories, Certification Bodies and Accreditation Bodies? What roles do they play in the process? Can manufacturers still perform their own product testing for qualification? This article will chart the landscape and describe how to choose the fastest and most economical route through EPA’s Enhanced Testing and Verification Program.