EMC Bench Notes: Some Starting Tools

As a product designer, a major issue you'll face is radiated emissions. This month, we'll outline the basic tools to characterize and mitigate radiated emissions at your workbench. This summarizes the fundamental test equipment to identify sources of harmonic noise and characterize radiated emissions.

Do Measurements Validate Simulations?

It is very common for people doing simulations to make a measurement of a similar set up to validate the simulation. This is a reasonable precaution since modern simulation tools will give a very accurate answer to whatever question it is asked.
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Using EMC Tools to Help Designs Pass the First Time

1408 F1 coverThis is a true story. When I first joined IBM as an EMC engineer, my new manager handed me a document titled ‘EMC Design Process at IBM’ and asked me to comment. I quickly read the short document that basically said that the EMC engineer would provide the design engineers a list of EMC rules, which would be largely ignored.

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New Development Tools and EMC Strategies in Step with Practical Electronics

1407 F2 coverImagine for a moment that you are trying out a brand new car: you slide into one of the ergonomic seats, start the engine and, to make things perfect, would like to listen to some music. However when you switch this on, you suddenly notice interesting side effects. The light comes on in the passenger compartment, for example. Or the radio starts whistling and whimpering.