gauss 120208

Time-domain EMI Measurements up to 40 GHz

GAUSS INSTRUMENTS introduces the first Time-domain EMI Measurement System up to 40 GHz at the first time at the EMV2012 in Düsseldorf. The instruments are used for full compliance testing according to all civil, military standards, as well as avionic standards.


S-parameter Data Correction Using Time Domain Gating for PCB and Cable Applications

This paper describes how to remove the measurement artifacts caused by discontinuities in high frequency S-parameter data caused by the test connectors on the Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and cables. The frequency domain S-parameters are converted to the time domain to get the impulse response. Time domain gating is then used on this impulse response to remove reflections due to end connectors and/or other discontinuities. The gated impulse response is then transformed back to the frequency domain. The final result is a much improved S-parameter data set with unwanted resonance removed, allowing the PCB trace or cable loss to be determined.