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Fire Prevention

The best solution to fire - any fire - is to prevent fire in the first place.

Fire Enclosures

In our last issue, I discussed heating, pyrolysis, and combustion processes necessary for a fire to occur. I discussed that flame-retardant materials continue to burn in the presence of a heat source. I want to... Read More...

Electrically-Caused Fire

Probably the single most frequently occurring and most misunderstood issue in electronic product safety is electrically-caused fire. I thought I would review fire processes in plastics materials (the most common flammable construction material in electronic products).

Electric Shock From Radios: A Review

During the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, Underwriters Laboratories did basic research in the field of safety and published the results of that research in a series of “Bulletins of Research.” At least 58 Bulletins w... Read More...

Body Resistance – A Review

This UL Bulletin of Research on the electric fence contains much information that applies to much more than just the electric fence. This is why it is a classic work.
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Testing Purposes

Every product is subjected to a suite of tests. What are the purposes of these tests? Often, we just perform the tests as prescribed in a standard, and with whatever conditions are specified by the certificatio... Read More...