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solar energy

Next-Gen Solar Cells Designed To Handle Heat Without Sacrificing Efficiency

Iowa State University engineers have designed a new type of solar cell that is durable, lightweight, and cost-efficient.

Volunteers Light Up The Himalayas

A group of volunteer engineers have used solar power to bring light into a remote corner of the Himalayas.

Pay-As-You-Go Solar Home Power Systems

Solar energy is getting a new business model -- one that lights up the darkness for a fraction of the cost.

Streetlights Powered By Footsteps Lighting Up Las Vegas

A new form of clean energy in stepping out in the city of Las Vegas, and lighting up the night in the process.

Sleek Solar Energy Roofs Light Up The Homes Of The Future

Elon Musk is ready to give solar energy a stylish makeover by ditching those clunky solar panels and introducing the world to the sleek style of solar tiles.
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New Material Chemically Stores Solar Energy for Later

Although great progress has been made in harvesting solar technology, storing the sun’s energy remains...

Large, Flexible Solar Cells Developed

A European research team of six partners joined forces to develop solar energy products...

Scientists Find Way to Store Solar Energy More Effectively

MIT and Harvard University Scientists had developed a way to use molecules to store solar energy that can later be used to heat homes or water. These molecules have the ability to store heat forever and be used without emitting any greenhouse gases.

Nanotechnology To Bring Significant Benefits to Energy Market

A study conducted by the IEC and the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI) has found that nanotechnology will change the future of energy storage and solar energy technology.

MIT Researchers Increase Solar Panel Efficiency by Capturing More Sunlight

Testing has begun on solar cells that contain a layer of carbon nanotubes in hopes to increase the efficiency of solar cells by capturing more of the sun’s rays that usually go to waste.

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