Researchers Use Recycled Car Battery Materials to Make Solar Cells

MIT researchers have proposed a new system that uses recycled car battery materials to make low-cost photovoltaic solar cells. Lead from old car batteries is currently being recycled for new batteries, but the production of new lead-acid batteries will likely decline due to new battery technologies, leaving a surplus of lead.

Scientists Develop Spray-on Solar Cells

University of Sheffield scientists developed a way to produce perovskite solar cells using a spray-paint process. This process could lead to a reduction in the cost of solar electricity.

Innovative Design Keeps Solar Cells Cool

Stanford University scientists are testing a new design to keep solar cells cool by guiding unwanted thermal radiation away with a layer of specially patterned silica glass. This new method of cooling takes a p... Read More...

Lead Free Solar Cells Developed

Researchers at Northwestern University have developed the first environmentally friendly solar cell with good efficiency. The cells are cost-effective and are made using bench chemistry without the need of haza... Read More...