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Electromagnetic Simulation Applied to Automotive EMC Testing

The process of designing and testing vehicles for EMC compliance can be long and expensive. Electromagnetic simulation allows potential compliance issues to be identified early in the development process, before the construction of prototypes. However, it is desirable that the simulation is able to model the test setup accurately. In this article we look at the set-up of a virtual EMC test chamber using a commercially available software and compare the simulated results to measurements from a General Motors automotive EMC test.
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Using EMC Tools to Help Designs Pass the First Time

1408 F1 coverThis is a true story. When I first joined IBM as an EMC engineer, my new manager handed me a document titled ‘EMC Design Process at IBM’ and asked me to comment. I quickly read the short document that basically said that the EMC engineer would provide the design engineers a list of EMC rules, which would be largely ignored.