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Corona Noise Considerations for Smart Grid Wireless Communication and Control Network Planning

1306 F3 coverAs the wireless receiver sensitivity levels surpass thermal noise levels, reliable operation of smart grid Distributed Generating System (DGS) wireless communication and control devices demands consideration of the power line produced noise spectrum. The power line noise spectrum varies based on voltage and current of transmission lines and load characteristics. The electrical-noise environment is anticipated to be more severe in a DGS than in a Conventional Electrical Power System (CEPS) due to the frequent changes in power distribution routing.

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Low Frequency EMC and Power Quality

With smart grid technologies as well as power technologies for renewables and improved energy efficiency, there is an increased use of electronics.  We see a growth in the use of power electronics as well as electronics for information technologies. The term Smart Grid enables a Smart Electrical System – the entire power system with networks as well as connected equipment converting between electrical energy and other forms of useful energy.

EMC and the Smart Grid

The smart grid is a rapidly emerging topic in the field of electrical and power engineering that affects everyone worldwide. The IEEE is actively engaged in the Smart Grid Form (http://smartgrid.ieee.org). T... Read More...