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Simulation-Based Testing for Early Safety Validation of Robot Systems

Industrial human-robot collaborative systems must be validated thoroughly with regard to safety. Due to the complexity of robot systems, safety flaws often stay hidden, especially at early design stages, when a physical implementation is not yet available for testing. Simulation-based testing is a possible way to identify hazards in an early stage.

What Every Electronics Engineer Needs to Know About: Simulation Software

Engineers should not overlook modeling and simulation as an important and viable tool in developing products that have to meet EMC compliance requirements.

IEC 61000-4-2 Emulation and Simulation

ESD qualification requirements for systems rely heavily on discharge models such as IEC61000-4-2.

Developing and Modeling a Simulation Framework for Common EMC Topics

Modeling and simulation is a complex topic, usually left to experts of the EMC field as the amount of knowledge and understanding that goes into creating a model can be tremendous.

View from the Chalkboard

By the time you read this, I will have completed my Fall semester undergraduate...
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Electromagnetic Simulation Applied to Automotive EMC Testing

The process of designing and testing vehicles for EMC compliance can be long and expensive. Electromagnetic simulation allows potential compliance issues to be identified early in the development process, before the construction of prototypes. However, it is desirable that the simulation is able to model the test setup accurately. In this article we look at the set-up of a virtual EMC test chamber using a commercially available software and compare the simulated results to measurements from a General Motors automotive EMC test.

New Technique Identifies Battery Material Structure and Behavior

A new simulation method has been developed by University of Cambridge researchers that can...

Wave Computation Technologies Announces New Release of Wavenology

Wave Computation Technologies has announced an updated release of their Wavenology software. The latest...

Electromagnetic Analysis of Cable Harnesses in an Automotive Environment

1405 F3 coverThis article shows how electromagnetic simulation tools can be used to investigate effects of high-speed signals in cable harnesses in a vehicle: cross talk, radiation and interference with a receiving antenna. Results are presented for two types of digital sequences and compared with standards. Cable shielding is designed to be adequate without adding unnecessary weight.

The Future of EMC Engineering: Simulation versus Experience – Which is Better?

As a contributing author to present a series of controversial articles with the intent...
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