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A Basic Overview of RF/EMI Filters and Filtered Connectors

When considering filters and filtered connectors to help eliminate noise issues in a system, determining the best EMI solution is based on the mechanical configuration of that system.

Evaluate Shielding Effectiveness With Your VNA

The effectiveness of different materials for shielding can be tested using near field probes and your vector network analyzer (VNA).

Comparing Test Methods for EMI Gaskets

In this article, we compare the measuring shielding capability of EMI gaskets using the...

Fast Turnaround on Standard EMI Shielding Gaskets

Tech-Etch offers a quick delivery program for standard and configured EMI shielding gaskets to...

A Theory of Shielding Electromagnetic Waves: Revisiting Shielding Effectiveness Equations

In this article, we analyze the shielding effectiveness equations (SE = R + A...
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$13,000,000 Shielding Issue?

After discovering a potentially dangerous RF interference problem that affects nearly 1,300 commercial aircraft,...

ARC Technologies Announces AC2ES: ARC Clear Conductive Electromagnetic Shielding

ARC Technologies’ AC2ES material offers flexibility and versatility for applications requiring transparent EMI shielding...

New EMI Enclosure Shielding Catalog Released by Leader Tech

Virtually all electronic enclosures have seams, openings and gaps that allow unwanted EMI to...

The Silent Killer: Suspect/Counterfeit Items and Packaging

1409 F1 coverOver the past several years, U.S. based organizations have curtailed traditional internal verification efforts due to reliance on contract manufacturers, distributors and suppliers to do the right thing. The inspection of ESD sensitive parts is very important, but without special safeguards, the additional handling to remove and repack a product for validation can cause both physical and ESD damage in the process. For parts, including those not sensitive to static electricity, measures must be utilized to detect, inspect and validate the packaging that identifies and protects the product.

Faraday Café Experiment Comes to a Close

The Faraday Café experiment closed its doors yesterday after two weeks as part of Vancouver’s Chinatown pop-up store project. Social artist Julien Thomas and Hughes Condor Marler Architects created the cell-phone free café by covering the building in a mesh that shields electromagnetic fields.

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