Autonomous Cars Recommended as Remedy to Highway Traffic and Safety Issues

A white paper written by Clifford Winston, Searle Freedom Trust Fellow at Brookings and Fred Mannering at Purdue University has suggested self-driving vehicles will help solve the highway traffic and safety issues throughout the United States. Through their research, traffic congestion costs the U.S. economy $100 billion yearly.

University of Michigan to Build Test Center to Test Autonomous Cars

A new $6.5 million, 32-acre site will be built on the north campus of University of Michigan as a test center for self-driving vehicles. The testing center will be made into a fake downtown that will feature buildings, parked cars, traffic signals, a tunnel, bicycle lanes and more.

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Autonomous Driving Bills Pass in Michigan Legislation

Two bills allowing the testing of autonomous cars on Michigan state roads are awaiting the Governor’s signature before they’re passed into law. They were both passed almost unanimously approved by both chambers in the Michigan state legislature.