Autonomous Minibus Uses IBM’s Watson IoT

A new autonomous vehicle is now cruising (slowly) through the streets of Washington, DC. Olli is an autonomous electric vehicle that can carry up to 12 people. It is the first autonomous vehicle to use IBM’s artificial intelligence platform, Watson Internet of Things (IoT).

Autonomous Vehicle Software Updated After Google’s Car Hit a Bus

Google’s autonomous vehicle software just learned an unofficial rule of the road: public transit buses are not as friendly as your average car. On Valentine's Day, a self-driving Lexus RX450h hit a bus. Although Google’s autonomous vehicles have previously been involved in crashes, this is the first time that a Google car is at fault.
Tesla Motors

Tesla’s Autopilot is Here

This week, Tesla Motors unveiled their new autopilot system. Much like the ubiquitous systems that do most of the work involved in flying today’s airplanes, Tesla’s autopilot is designed to eliminate human ... Read More...

Near Miss for Rival Self-Driving Cars

On Thursday Google announced that their newest self-driving car prototypes were hitting California streets. The new prototype uses the same software as Google’s other self-driving cars, but this version was des... Read More...