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FCC Proposes $1.2 Million Fine for Marketing of Noncompliant Radio Devices

In another example of its stepped-up enforcement efforts, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has cited...

Clock Duty Cycle Tuning for Desense Mitigation in Modulation‑Involved Cases

This paper provides a comprehensive study on how to mitigate desense with the change in the spectrum distribution by tuning the duty cycle of the interfering clock. Measurements conducted on a real cellphone showed a 10 dB suppression of desense for certain TX bandwidth condition.

Questions to Ask When Looking for the Correct RF/Microwave Power Amplifier for EMC

High-power RF/microwave amplifiers are commonly used in EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) testing to meet radiated and conducted immunity requirements. These products can be a high overall cost, and selecting the correct models that meet your needs is imperative.

White Paper on 5G RF Receiver Performance Released

The widespread adoption of the 5G spectrum for advanced wireless communications ultimately depends on...

SCIF and Radio Frequency Secured Facility Design, Part 2

Secure facility designs often comingle ICS/ICD-705 and NSA 94-106 performance requirements creating project confusion with significant design and cost implications. This article focuses on bringing some clarity to the differences between ICS/ICD-705 design guidance and NSA 94-106 performance requirements. The related secure facility design and construction process is also reviewed.
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How to Select Absorbing Materials for Retrofitting

If you think you’re ever going to need to use flexible RF absorber sheets to help your product pass emissions, even at some later date, it might be a good idea to have already identified and obtained the material and have characterized its insertion-loss performance.

FCC Proposes Updated Standards for Equipment Authorization

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has proposed updates to its rules to reflect...

Havana Syndrome Could Have Been Caused by EMP

A recent report by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has raised the specter...

ARRL Offers RF Exposure Calculators to Amateurs

The ARRL has developed an online calculator that will allow radio amateurs to evaluate...

The Importance of Considering RF Suppression Techniques Early in Design

This article briefly describes why it's important to consider what RF suppression/filtering techniques will be applied to your product as early in the design process as possible.
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