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regulatory compliance

Middle East Regulatory Compliance for Electronics

“One pound of learning requires ten pounds of common sense to apply it.” - Persian...

Fiat Chrysler to Pay Record-Setting $105 Million Fine

Last week Chrysler announced a recall because hackers can take control of vehicles by...

Postal Service Testing Drones in Switzerland

While Amazon is stuck waiting for U.S. regulators to approve commercial drone delivery, the...

ACS Adds Regulatory Compliance Center in Raleigh

ACS, Inc. announced today its new test lab in Raleigh, NC.  The announcement was...

3E Enhances Ariel WebInsight Chemical Regulatory Compliance Reference Tool with Expanded Support for Globalization Requirements

3E Company, a leading provider of environmental health and safety (EH&S) compliance and information...
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Regulatory Compliance Program for a Manufacturer’s Product Development Program and the Role of the Compliance Specialist

In the ever-changing global economy there is a growing number of product regulatory compliance requirement standards being imposed on manufacturers. Before marketing their products to domestic and international customers a manufacturer must deal with regulatory issues that apply to the development of their products. This results in the manufacturer having to have a regulatory compliance function within his company’s organizational structure that is staffed by competent well-trained personnel. This includes a Compliance Specialist who will need to stay abreast of the steadily changing regulatory compliance requirements, technology advances, and new areas of product regulations. The primary areas where product regulatory compliance requirements are applied are EMC, Product Safety, Environmental Protection, and Energy Conservation. All of these requirements have a direct impact on a product’s development program that includes its quality and reliability attributes.

A Cost Effective Approach to EMC and Product Safety Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Being first to market is what enables a company to capture the rewards of an efficient product development program. Among the benefits of such a program is a greater return on investment (ROI), triumph over the competition and increased shareholder’s satisfaction. However, there are pressures such as a slow growth domestic economy, a growing global marketplace and a highly competitive market environment.

Leveraging Safety and EMC Skills in Energy Regulatory Compliance

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