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The Internet of Bicycles

China’s homegrown “WeChat” application has nearly 900 million users. Need a car? Pay a check? Send someone some cash? Rate a dining venue? Make a video call? Send an endless series of silly emojis? WeChat is the platform, at least in China. It’s IM, Facebook, Tripadvisor and Skype all in one. And a gateway to to the Internet of Things.

The Real FAQs of Life in the RED

As of June 13, 2017 all radio transmitters that are placed on the market in the European Union will have to comply with the new Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU. This reality affects millions of devices destined for the EU.

5G & IoT

This article reviews some of the current thinking with regard to IoT. The range and scope of IoT is truly enormous so we’ll take a stab at the opportunities in for us EMC and wireless folks.

Tao Bao and the Internet of Things

The explosion of these delivery services, coupled with the growth of online mega-retailer “Tao Bao,” is another manifestation of the pervasive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Lightning Catches Bullet

A million volts and 25 thousand amps are generated during a typical lightning strike. The phenomenology of nature’s oldest EMI Beast is quite fascinating, notably the physics that govern the discharge as it approaches the ground.
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Something Funny Happened on the Way to an MRA

Even in the arcane world of Conformity Assessment, surprises are afoot.

IoT, 5G, M2M and EMC: How We Gonna Play on the Internet of Things?

According to statistics from the WiFi Alliance, 12 billion WiFi-enabled products have been deployed since the year 2000. Another 3 billion are expected to ship in 2016 alone, with device deployments doubling by 2020 (3 million every day).

Because It’s All About the Current

The paper discusses the importance of understanding the current distribution below a printed circuit board trace.

Dark Matters

On a recent visit to Beijing I picked up a copy of the China...

VCCI Celebrates 30 Years of EMC and Technology Success

Back in my novice days, computers puttered along at 4.77 MHz and we rarely...
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