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Automating EMC Testing

(or what did we do with all the time we saved?)   3 Days, 3 Guys, and Some Graph Paper – The Early Days I was introduced to commercial electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing in 1984. While wor... Read More...

Travels with Frosty: Days in Turkiye

Frosty and I went to Turkey to do a little shielding work. “Travels with Frosty,” coming at you. We rendez-vous’d at the United Counter, Frosty sporting his signature cowboy boots and white T-shirt, a ponyta... Read More...

A Tall Tale: What’s Luck Got to Do With It?

Rising above the tidal marshes of Southern New Jersey stands a red and white antenna tower shadowing a World War II era radio shack. The marsh was a simple mosquito nursery in the 40s when the first modest building—a cinder block foundation and stick-framed walls— was erected as part of a string of radio stations that formed a wartime network on the East Coast. German subs prowled the waters just off the shore of Cape May which hosted just a few houses and one general store with peeling gray paint and sway-back roofline.

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We're running a new monthly feature in the magazine and we need your participation to keep it going. We’re calling this new feature “Reality Engineering.” We want to run your stories – stories of how you ov... Read More...