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radio communications

Australian Radio Communications, EMC and EMF Regulatory Requirements: A Primer

Wireless devices are now in the legislative spotlight the world over. Safety, performance, spectrum usage and protection of personal data are all matters of regulation, although countries vary in how they regulate such concerns. This article looks at Australia as a case study, reviewing the overarching legal framework, the role of the national regulator, conformity assessment and the use of standards.

New Quantum Radio Challenges the Laws of Physics

Scientists are developing a quantum radio capable of working in places where ordinary cellphones cannot.

Laser Communication Payload Testing At NASA

Scientists at NASA are working on a way to transition from radio communications to laser communications.

Solar Radiation Causes Interference with Radio Satellite Reception

Three radio stations in California reported solar radiation interfered with their radio satellite reception....

West Virginia Firefighters Report Severe Radio Interference

Summers County firefighters have been experiencing severe interference on their radio, and it is...
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Empower RF Systems Announces Approval of a Patent on “Broadband linearization module and method”

Empower RF Systems is proud to announce the approval of a new patent related...

Communication Between Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers Improved in Canada

NAV CANADA has finalized the implementation of the Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) program. The program allows air traffic controllers and pilots to communicate via data link or text-based messages instead of by voice when flying aircraft above 29,000 feet.

FCC Fines Bay Shore Man for Jamming Fire Department Radios

A Bay Shore man was fined $25,000, and charged with obstruction of governmental administration...

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