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product liability

Duty to Warn Non-English Speaking and Reading Product Users

How does a manufacturer comply with its duty to warn, given the number of people in the U.S. who do not read English or any language? Does the law require multilingual labels or safety symbols, and when is it a good idea to include them?

Safety Programs and CPSC Mandates

Safety management programs are necessary to help a company make safe products and monitor safety for products in use. The CPSC has provided lots of guidances and mandates over the years on what constitutes an adequate program. These guidances are potentially useful to those companies seeking to establish a CPSC-compliant safety program and should be considered as part of the program development process.

The Effect of Standards on Safety and Product Liability Litigation

This article will discuss the basic kinds of defects that can be alleged in any product liability case, the law as it pertains to compliance with standards, and some tips on how to deal with the issue of standards compliance.

The Risks of Optional Safety: Is Mandatory Safety Better?

This article discusses the legal and practical issues around the duty to design a safe product and how to decide whether various safety features that aren’t always necessary must be sold as standard features or whether they can be sold separately as options.

Product Liability Marketing Defects

The way you market your product can turn an otherwise safely designed product into an unsafe product that causes injury and creates liability for the manufacturer and product seller.
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Product Liability Litigation and its Effect on Product Safety Regulatory Compliance

Product liability litigation and product safety regulatory compliance are sometimes intertwined, and this can make a bad situation worse.

The Risk of Post-Sale Safety Improvements

This article presents the legal issues around pre- and post-sale safety improvements in products and provides recommendations to document them.

Technology Developments and the Risk of Product Liability

The risks of product liability sometime affect technological developments in hardware and software used to make products. They can stifle innovation and make some advancements seem too risky. How does the law view these products and what can be done to evaluate and reduce these risks.

The Effect of Product Liability Litigation on the Duty to Report Safety Issues to the Government

Product liability litigation and product safety regulatory activities often become intertwined. Product liability claims...

The Role of Product Instructions in Product Liability Prevention

Why It’s Hard to Create Good Instructions, and What to Do About It One of...
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