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Using RF Monitoring Probes to Troubleshoot Transient Failures

In large systems, such as big cabinets housing numerous electronic components, employing the near-field probe method can be time-consuming and, depending on the voltage level, potentially unsafe (for instance, when dealing with high-voltage circuits requiring isolation). In such scenarios, an alternative approach is necessary.

How To Work Safely with High‑Voltage Test & Measurement Equipment

This white paper describes an alternative approach to calibrating high-voltage systems and provides meter and probe safety considerations and general guidance for safely operating high-voltage equipment.

EMC Bench Notes: Some Starting Tools

As a product designer, a major issue you'll face is radiated emissions. This month, we'll outline the basic tools to characterize and mitigate radiated emissions at your workbench. This summarizes the fundamental test equipment to identify sources of harmonic noise and characterize radiated emissions.

The Importance of High Frequency Measurements

Before diving too deep into the nitty gritty of high frequency probing techniques, it’s imperative to understand a few basics, as described in the remaining portion of this article. The basics include probe calibration and null measurements and a description of the various types of voltage probes available, including their strengths and weaknesses.

RF Field Probes: Specifications and Design Characteristics

RF field probes are specialized measuring instruments with unique specifications and performance characteristics. This article details the main factors to consider in selecting a probe appropriate to your testing needs.
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Let’s Talk About the Low Noise Measurement Probe

Ever tried to measure low-level signals in the presence of noise? Or wanted to capture a measurement isolated from ground, like that of an ungrounded hand-held digital multi-meter, but also needed to capture finer details of the signal, like those captured with an oscilloscope?

Proper Probe Practice is Paramount in Practical Systems

If someone were to ask you what one singular device is most synonymous with testing, or even electrical engineering, the overwhelming response would most likely be the oscilloscope probe.

RBW and Overloading in EMI Debugging

Usually the confidence you have in your measurements is directly proportional to the cost of your instrument. Take care.

FCC modifies testing for level probing radars

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has revised its Part 15 rules regarding the...

Active Differential Probes for RF, Microwave Instruments

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today introduced two active differential probes for RF and...
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