Ferrite Testing Reveals Significant Performance Variations

Recent empirical testing of FerriShield Ferrites shows that there is a notable increase in Ohms of impedance when compared to the exact same competitive alternative. Due to an industry-wide shift in raw material formulation and manufacturing processes, many RFI/EMI ferrites on the market are delivering lower performance across a wide-band frequency range.

R&S®RTO Scope Series Enhances Performance of Embedded Systems

Rohde & Schwarz, a leading manufacturer of test & measurement, communications and broadcasting equipment, has developed the industry’s only digital oscilloscope that employs a real-time digital trigger. Designated the R&S®RTO Series, the advanced scope significantly enhances productivity and product performance when debugging embedded systems.

CONEC Develops High-Frequency D-Subminiature EMI Filter Connectors

CONEC, a manufacturer of high-quality connectors, has developed a series of EMI-filtered connectors that provide near linear performance up to 1GHz and beyond. The EMI-filtered D-subminiature connector series features a proprietary ceramic planar that provides a higher linear performance with better insertion loss.

SOLARLOK Automated Junction Box

TE Connectivity (TE), formerly Tyco Electronics, is expanding its product range for photovoltaic installations with a new junction box. The SOLARLOK automated junction box is suited for fully automated mass production, allowing manufacturers of crystalline solar modules a much shorter assembly time and therefore contributing to lower costs.
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QuadTech Releases New Software for DC Loads

QuadTech a leading provider of electrical safety testers, passive component measurement solutions, ac and dc programmable power sources and dc electronic loads, today released softpanel software for the 44000 Series DC Programmable Electronic Loads.