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Crystek Corporation Introduces 183 to 219 MHz Voltage Controlled Oscillator

Crystek has introduced a new VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) that operates from 183 to 219 MHz and has a control voltage range of 0.5V -4.5V. Model CVCO55FL-0183-0219 features a typical phase noise of -123dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset and has excellent linearity. Typical output power is +8.5dBm.

AVX Introduces Lead-less Schottky Rectifier Diodes for Switching Power Supply Applications

AVX Corporation has announced a new series of Schottky barrier rectifier diodes uniquely packaged as lead-less chips. The new lead-less diodes’ top-bottom symmetry enables better heat transfer and current handling than SOD devices, as well as fewer mounting problems.

Aeroflex Introduces a Multi-Strategy Test System for Analog In-Circuits and Functions Test for Electronic Assemblies

Aeroflex has announced its new 5860 multi-strategy test system that combines analog in-circuit test and functional test capabilities in a compact, floor-standing system. This system is the first Aeroflex ATE (Automated Test Equipment) product incorporating a Virginia Panel – the industry-standard mass interconnect interface suitable for all production test requirements.

Eastern OptX Introduces Series 7000 Multi-Radio Channel Replicator

Eastern OptX has announced the commercial availability of the Series 7000 Multi-Radio Channel Replicator. This multi-radio test system replicates the propagation path of real-world applications and brings realistic outdoor test ranges into the test laboratory while reducing – and in some cases – completely eliminating time-consuming and expensive outdoor testing.

IQD Extends the Industrial Temperature Range of their SMD OCXO Series

IQD Frequency Products announced their IQOV-90 series high stability low phase noise OCXOs now encompasses the full industrial temperature range standard of -40 to 85°C.

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New Aeroflex Modular WLAN 802.11ac Test System with 160 MHz Bandwidth

Aeroflex has announced a new test system based on its PXI 3000 series modular instrumentation to offer measurements over a 160 MHz bandwidth at operating frequencies up to 6 GHz.

IQD Announces New Low Phase Noise and Low Power Clock Oscillator

IQD Frequency Products has introduced a new crystal clock oscillator offering two key features – low phase noise and low current consumption. The CFPS-115 is available at any frequency between 26 to 44 MHz and offers a standard 45/55% duty cycle HCMOS output.

Rohde & Schwarz RTO Oscilloscopes Verify USB Interface Compliance

Rohde & Schwarz has announced new software for their high-performance oscilloscopes that is ideal for automated USB 2.0 compliance tests.  The software offers scenarios for testing USB 2.0 devices (DUT) when functioning as a device, host or hub.

EMC Partner’s TRA3000 Immunity Tester Now with 5kV EFT Pulses

EMC Partner has announced their TRA3000 Immunity Tester now offers the ability to test to 5kV EFT pulses as new product standards have added this requirement. The enhanced EFT module with the same physical footprint fits directly into the existing TRA3000 mainframes allowing users to extend test capabilities with on-site upgrades to 5kV EFT pulses.

SolaHD Introduces Next Generation of SHP Series Modular Power Supplies with Increased Power and Flexibility

SolaHD has announced their next generation SHP Series of heavy-duty power supplies featuring an enhanced modular design that allows customers to configure up to 24 output voltage combinations ranging from 2Vdc to 60Vdc.

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