Photon recycling

Perovskites Recycle Light in Solar Cells

Depiction of photon recycling inside the crystalline structure of perovskite. When synthetic materials called perovskites made their solar cell debut in 2012, they were touted for being cheap and easy to pr... Read More...
ceramic capacitor

Perovskites Could Make Safer Capacitors

A team of scientists in Japan developed a new way to make safer components for electronic devices. One of the reasons that e-waste shouldn't just be tossed in the trash is that electronics often contain ceramic... Read More...

Researchers Use Recycled Car Battery Materials to Make Solar Cells

MIT researchers have proposed a new system that uses recycled car battery materials to make low-cost photovoltaic solar cells. Lead from old car batteries is currently being recycled for new batteries, but the production of new lead-acid batteries will likely decline due to new battery technologies, leaving a surplus of lead.

Scientists Develop Spray-on Solar Cells

University of Sheffield scientists developed a way to produce perovskite solar cells using a spray-paint process. This process could lead to a reduction in the cost of solar electricity.